What Content Type Works For Which Social Media Networks?

I’ve seen it over and over again… Online business owners posting the same content to every social media network they’re on.

That’s not the way it works!

Here’s why…

1. If people follow you on multiple channels and they’re hit with the same images and captions, the same videos, the same text they’re going to become blind to you. They will stop seeing you because they’re brain is thinking oh I already saw this, and after a while they will just become blind to you.

This has happened with me so many times. Even when those people are my friends. I see the same post across all the networks and I brain just ignores them because I see the same thing over and over.

2. And this is the bigger issue… Certain kinds of content works for some social media networks and not others.

For example… I get a ton of engagement posting funny meme’s on Facebook profile. I get nothing but “crickets” when I post funny meme’s on LinkedIn. They just don’t work for that social media network.

Each network has it’s own audience, and each has different wants for the type of content they want to consume.

If you’re not getting results from your social media posts, you just might be posting the wrong type of content for THAT social media network.

Hot Tip: You need to have a content strategy for each social network you’re on.

Below I have listed the types of content that works best for the top 6 social media networks that I use. This is all based on what I do in your business, so I recommend you use it to get ideas for YOUR business. 😉


Facebook Content:

What To Post:

Videos (How To, Entertaining)
Lives (Updates, Live Teaching, Behind The Scenes)
Motivational Quotes
Blog Posts


I have found that Facebook lives and videos (upload videos right to Facebook and don’t just post a link to the video on YouTube if you’ve also put it on YouTube) do really well for my page. So do blog posts I publish (I create a simple graphic and direct people to my blog post), and motivational memes/quotes.

The occasional funny meme about my industry also gets good engagement. Use this sparingly if you’re in a professional industry.

You can see my Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/IMWithLizTomey

Note: I’ve done a full blog post with more details on what kind of content you can post on Facebook. Click here for more ideas.

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Instagram Content:

What To Post:



I call Instagram the “pretty social network” because it’s all about looks over there. No not YOUR looks (though it does help to be good looking if you’re posting pictures of yourself 😉 ), but the looks of the images you post there. Your images and videos MUST stand out and look great to catch the attention of your audience.

If you’re using Instagram Stories I recommend using them to talk about your latest blog post, a product you have (talk about one benefit of your product per story), a launch that you have, etc. Basically anything related to your online business. Create a story about it! There are so many great things you can do with Instagram Stories.

And let’s not forget about IGTV! Generally I only post how to videos to IGTV for my business. It would take an entire post to go over an IGTV strategy with you though. Coming soon… 😉

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What To Post:

Company News
Company Culture
Professional Content (Specific To Your Industry)


LinkedIn is specifically for networking with professionals in your industry. It’s A LOT like Facebook, but specifically for professionals. Think industry specific content, job listings, and career information.

I post content about my product launches on LinkedIn to get affiliates to promote my products, I do instructional videos regarding my industry, I share motivational quotes, and do behind the scenes videos about what’s going on in my business and the industry.

Resources: Here are more great resources to help you with your LinkedIn Marketing…

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What To Post:

Blog Posts


Pinterest is completely differnet from any other social network out there. It’s basically a visual search engine with some social functions built into it. I use it to “Pin” my blog posts mainly, but I also use it for motivational Pins (Here’s a good example of that https://www.pinterest.com/pin/842876886496112427) and I Pin all of my YouTube videos there too. I’m also going to be using it to Pin emails I send to my list in the near future.

If you can find your niche on Pinterest you should be Pinning everything you can there.

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What To Post:

Short Updates About Your Business
Blog Posts
Gifs (Create Your Own)


I’ll admit it. I’m HORRIBLE with Twitter and I get little traffic from it. I still get SOME, but I use Twitter as my “dump”. Most of the time I have things automatically posted to my Twitter account. My Instagram posts automatically get posted there. Every time I post a video on YouTube it’s automatically Tweet’ed. My Facebook profile and page posts are automatically posted. My Pinterest Pins are automatically posted.

Yep! I’m using it as a “dump” to see everything I do across all social media networks.

However I suggest you use it a bit more strategic. Make it your “news center”. A place where your audience can get quick updates about your business.

What are you working on today? Tweet it out!

Have a new blog post? Tweet it out!

Having a launch? Tweet about all your pre-launch and launch content and happenings.

Did you send an email out to your list? Tweet about it!

Resources: Here are more great resources to help you with your Twitter Marketing…

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What To Post:

Videos (Duh!)


Well it’s no secret that the only type of content you can post to YouTube is videos. But there are a ton of different videos you can post to your YouTube account. Right now I’m only posting informational videos about things I do in my business, but in the future I will be posting “video emails” (basically me reading the emails I send to my list), “commercials” for my blog posts, and interviews.

Resources: Here are more great resources to help you with your YouTube Marketing…

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Now, let’s pull all of this information together…

Here’s a little bonus… Here’s how I promoted something across all my social media channels…

Recently I did was posting a bunch of killer content in my Team Tomey Inner Circle Coaching Club and I’m always working to get more members in there, so here’s what I did:

1. I sent out a Tweet with a cool image attached to it talking about the content and that people should join us and gave the link to join.

2. I posted a tip to my Facebook page about social media marketing and told people to join us to talk more about social media marketing. Again I used a cool looking image to grab attention.

3. I did a Facebook live on my profile showing the content I had been posting and invited people to join.

4. I did a video showing the content and uploaded it to Instagram as a story.

5. I posted a quote about success with social media marketing on Instagram and told people to click on the link in my bio to join my Facebook group.

6. I showed my social media stats in a graphic and directed people to join in on the social media marketing conversation in my group and posted it on LinkedIn.

7. I created a video giving one social media tip and then inviting people into my Facebook group. I posted this to YouTube. I also tweeted the video. 🙂

8. I created a motivational quote as a Pin and linked it to my Facebook group.

Now that my friends is a social media takeover. 🙂


Okay so let’s wrap this up…

As you can see you can promote the same thing across all social media networks as long as you do it a little bit different for each one. Change up your text, change up for the format, and always use different images. This will have people consuming your messages and getting the results you want. There’s no use in using a social media network if you’re not going to use it correctly. You’ll never get results, so that’s just wasted effort. I highly recommend you take a few minutes and map out a strategy for each of the social media networks that you use.

Another extra little bonus: Are you having trouble coming up with content and/or ideas for content? These two resources will help you!

Where The Hell Do I Find Stuff To Post On Social Media?

What Do I Post On Social Media?

I hope this little tutorial has helped you. If you have any comments or questions please leave them below.


What Content To Post To Facebook

When it comes to posting content to Facebook, there are a lot of variable we need to look at.

Are you posting to your profile?

Are you posting to a page?

Are you posting to your group?

Are you posting to a group you belong to?

Are you posting a story?

Then you’ve also got to look at what your goals are with your post?

Are you posting for engagement?

Are you doing it to get people OFF of your page and on to something you’re promoting (affiliate link, your website, your opportunity, your squeeze page, etc)?

Are you posting to get something to go viral?

See… I told you there are a lot of variables here that you need to be thinking about, but in general the following are things that can be used for many kinds of places you post on Facebook and you can tweak them to fit your goals.

Let’s get started…

1. Interactive Content – This is hands down the best kind of content to post on Facebook. Contests and quizzes are two types of content that I automatically think of, but there are a lot of types of interactive content you can come up with. See what others in your niche are doing to get ideas.

2. Blog Posts – Did you just create an awesome blog post? Then make sure you share it on Facebook in as many places as you can. When I do a blog post I always post it to all of my groups, the Page that fits the niche of the post, and on my public profile. I have a few groups that I belong to that I am not the admin for and they allow me to post my REALLY good stuff in their groups.

3. Tips – Have tips about your niche? Turn those into graphical images (make sure to include your branding) and post them. You could sit down right now and create 10 of these and have content for the next 10 days. Do 30 at a time and you have a month’s worth of content. 🙂

4. Quotes – Are there quotes about your niche? Do a Google search for quotes your niche (of course you would replace your niche with the words for your actual niche), grab those quotes, turn them into graphic images (making sure to give credit to who said it and adding your branding) and post them. Just like with the “tips idea” from above if you found several quotes you could create a batch of graphics and have them ready to post.

Hot Tip: If you create several “tips” and “quotes” posts all at once you could have some great content built up to post to your Facebook page, your profile, your groups, and groups that you belong to (make sure and get the owners permission)

5. Updates – What are you currently doing in life? What are you currently doing in your business? Post this information on Facebook along with photos showing what you’re doing.

6. Polls – People LOVE to give their opinion on Facebook. Create polls for them to vote on things related to your niche.

7. Holidays – Most of us celebrate holidays. Different parts of the world celebrate different holidays. When you see an interesting holiday post about it even if you don’t celebrate it. Try to tie it in with your niche.

8. Your Freebies – Do you have freebies that you offer? Reports, checklists, cheatsheets, videos, etc? Post them on Facebook and do it often. I’m not talking about posting the same thing every day, but posting the same free offer every few weeks WILL get you traffic to it. POST THOSE FREEBIES OFTEN!

9. Common Ground Posts – Part of bonding with your people (which is important for engagement) is finding common ground with your people. Many of your people will have pets, kids, etc. Those are great to post about to get engagement and get people knowing you on a personal level.


How To Setup A Facebook Page For Your Online Business

Facebook pages have taken a big hit when it comes to using them to get traffic. No matter if you have 100 likes or 100,000 getting your posts in front of people has become a real issue.

The biggest reason is because Facebook wants you to PAY for your people to see your posts you make on your page. While that doesn’t seem fair because we all work hard for those likes it doesn’t mean the party is over. You can still use that Facebook page and you still SHOULD be using it.

Even if you don’t want to “pay to play” right now you might want to in the future and having your Facebook page setup strategically and with good content on can give you a huge advantage when using paid advertising and/or getting more engagement if you’re just trying to get your “fans” to see your posts.

Here’s a complete step-by-step tutorial on creating your Facebook page… Strategically!

Step 1: First head over to the page creation page on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/pages/creation

Select if you’ll be creating a page for a Business or Brand OR Community or Public Figure.

Step 2:  Add Your Profile Picture

When it comes to your profile a picture I don’t recommend your logo. Especially if you’re the face behind your brand. Pick a good picture of YOU. This really helps with the bonding with your audience. A logo “looks” nice, but putting a face to a brand/company goes WAY further with your people!

Step 3: Add Your Cover Photo

This is pretty important and needs to convey the number 1 thing your page will do for people. There are great tools out there like Snappa or Canva that you can use to create your cover photo, but I recommend using a professional. You’ll save a ton of time, and get something that actually looks GOOD. I can’t tell you how many times I get turned off from a page because their cover photo is ugly or doesn’t tell me exactly what I’m gaining by following the page. Make sure you photo cover makes people want to follow your page!

Step 4: Go Through ALL Of Your Settings!

This is going to take about an hour, but it’s worth the time. Go through ALL settings on your page. Check every single setting and make sure that you have everything setup correctly so that those who like your page can interact, share, etc with you. Don’t skip any setting. Read it and understand it and set it to what YOUR comfortable with.

Note: In the Facebook Traffic Takeover Workshop I go through each of these settings with you. You can attend that workshop at https://LearningIM.com/facebook-traffic-takeover-workshop

Step 5: Fill Out Your Pages About Section

Another VERY important part of your page is the About section. Fill EVERYTHING out especially the Story section. Those who read this will become very loyal fans if you have a good story to back up the mission of your page!

Step 6: Make Your First Post

At this point your page is ready to go, but I recommend doing one more thing. Create your first post and make it a post that explains what your page is about and/or where people can get on your list and/or buy from you.

I created my first post about the mission of my page and where they could get on my email list to get updates from me. Anyone who comes to my page will see this post and be able to get on my email list and start getting all of my emails. That’s the number one goal of my page.  Get people to take action on YOUR number on goal for your page.

Okay so that wraps it all up.

My biggest pieces of advice here are fill out EVERYTHING, use great looking graphics, and make sure you have ONE goal for your page.

I wish you much success on your Facebook marketing journey!


The Truth About Facebook Business Pages, But You Still NEED One!

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock you know that engagement on your Facebook page has plummeted!

Gone are the days when you could just post to your page and all the people who have liked it would see your posts.

Facebook doesn’t care that people have liked your page, turned on Notifications, or any of that stuff you worked hard for. They’re simply NOT giving you the visibility to your people.

It’s their game and their rules, so you either play by them or find another way to get traffic.

For me… It’s totally worth it to do the extra stuff to actually get my posts seen and that comes down to using “engagement tactics”.

These are things you do to get the people who see your posts to react, comment, and/or share your content.

Those are big indicators to Facebook that people DO want to see your stuff and will give you MORE visibility.

If you want serious visibility to your people you’re going to have to use their paid advertising platform though.

If you STILL want to use your Facebook page for traffic, but you DO NOT want to use their paid advertising platform then you can use these engagement tactics to boost your organic reach for your Facebook page.

Tactic #1: DO NOT use automation. There are all kinds of software and WordPress plugins that will take every post you make to your blog and post them to your Facebook page. This will KILL your engagement. Take a few seconds, write a short blurb about your blog post, have a call to action that makes people want to click and read, and post the link to your blog post. YES! It does take a bit more work, but it’s worth it.

Would you rather put NO effort in and get NO results or would you rather put a LITTLE effort in and see some results?

Tactic #2: Don’t just post your blog posts. You need to be posting other kinds of content too. Memes, quotes, videos, pictures, and all the stuff you would normally post on your regular profile post on your page too. Just make sure they are related to your niche or the personality you bring to your page.

Tactic #3: Make posts that tell people to turn on notifications for your page. Now as I said above. Facebook isn’t giving you total visibility to everyone who does this, but the more people who do the more visibility you will get which will give you more engagement which will give you even more visibility.

Whew! That was a mouth full.

Something I have done is every 6 weeks or so I will make a post about turning on notifications.

Here’s an example of that:

Tactic #4: In Tactic 2 above I told you about posting different kinds of content. One of the best kinds of content that Facebook and it’s users love is VIDEO! Any kind of video that you do, be it screen capture or talking head videos or whatever make great Facebook content that will get even more engagement.

Tactic #5: Facebook Lives! Of course Facebook is going to give more engagement if you use something of THEIRS. 🙂 Pick a topic related to your niche, make 3 bullet points about the topic, and talk about each point for 1-2 minutes. That’s all you’ve got to do. Short little Facebook lives a few times a week make great content that Facebook will give you more visibility for!

Tactic #6: Be consistent. The optimal amount of times to post on your Facebook page has been proven to be 1-3 times a day. Pick 1, 2, or 3 times, and do it DAILY! The more consistent you are the more visible you will be on Facebook.

Tactic #7: Tell them what to do. It seems a little SPAMMY when every post you make says to like and share it, but telling your people to like, comment, and or share here and there is ok. Just don’t do it all the time.

Tactic #8: If you have a Facebook page related to your business or your niche chances are you have people who are your actual Facebook friends who will be interested in your page. Make a post about your page or share something from your page to your profile!

Tactic #9: Get your people talking! The best way to get people talking on your page is to ask questions. Ask them questions related to problems your business solves or problems they may have related to your niche.

Here’s an example of this:

Tactic #10: Run a contest! With so many apps and software out there it’s super easy to run a content on your Facebook page and this can give a HUGE boost to your engagement. Just do a search on Google and see what tool would be best for you or if you even need a tool at all.

I’ve done contests without tools by just picking someone at random to win the prize. Just tell people they have to take a certain action (like, comment, and/or share your post) and they have a chance to win your prize.

Important note here… Make sure whatever you’re giving away in your contest is something your people actually want REALLY bad!

Tactic #11: If you’re like me you do all kinds of things in your business. You’re emailing, your making content, etc. Keep track of what you do through the week and then take 5-6 of the best things and create a weekly round-up post. You should do this every week. People LOVE these because you can condense everything down into one quick bit for them.

Tactic #12: Interact with other pages as YOUR page. There’s a cool function that Facebook has where you can post and like as your page on other people’s pages. Use this function to get more people coming to your page and liking it.

Okay so there’s 12 different tactics that you can use. I recommend you print this post out, circle the tactics that you want to use, and start using them as often as you can.

We’re in an uphill battle with getting people to see our content on our pages, but if you put in some effort you can still get people engaging with your content and bringing them OFF Facebook to YOUR business!

Want to learn even more ways to use Facebook to get traffic? I’ve just created a workshop called The Facebook Traffic Takeover Workshop. Join me for 5 days online as I show you how to use your Facebook profile, your business page, Facebook lives, Facebook groups, and more to get a ton of traffic to anything I want 24/7! Join at https://learningim.com/facebook-traffic-takeover-workshop

Have comments or questions about this post? Have tips you’d like for me to include here? Just post them in the comments below!

How To Setup Your Facebook Profile

Facebook is one of my favorite social media sites to use to get traffic. And… There are many different ways to use it to get traffic.

You can…

Use their paid advertising
Use Facebook groups
Use your Facebook business page

… and there are many tactics that go with each of these.

But you can also use your main Facebook profile!

You probably already have one of these and if it’s stacked with your personal friends and family you may not want to use it in your social media marketing, but if you’re okay with using your main Facebook profile page in your social media marketing then you need to make sure you have it setup correctly.

As of right now I have 4,999 friends on Facebook. I never have the 5,000 friend limit because I want people to be able to send me friend requests. As I lose Facebook friends (and it does happen) I just add new ones from all the requests that I get.

I’m selective of who I add because I only want Facebook friends that are interested in my niche. I’ve also “optimized” my profile so that I can get traffic from the things I post on Facebook to my site.

I want to walk you through what I’ve done and what you should do too…

Step 1: Your Profile Picture

Make sure you have a clear profile picture of you. Don’t have some cartoon, or meme, or anything like that. Show your gorgeous face. YES! You do have a gorgeous face. Always know that your mom and I will always think you’re gorgeous. 🙂

I change mine up often, but you don’t have to.

Step 2: Your Cover Photo

This is something else I change up often, but you want it to drive traffic to your site. My main site is LizTomey.com (even though I’m currently working on driving all traffic to DFYSocialMediaContent.com) so that’s where my cover photo sends people.

Step 3: Your Intro

This is a really important spot on mobile. It’s right under your picture. I HIGHLY recommend you mention your website in this spot. Just a VERY short BENEFIT and then a link to your website. This isn’t “clickable”, but it’s important to list your site there. Below you’ll see where it is on mobile and where it’s at on a desktop.

Step 4: Your Profile Information

FULLY fill out everything on your profile. If you don’t want people to know about you, then you probably shouldn’t be on social media. 🙂 Fill out as much information as your comfortable with here, but DO fill out as much as you can.

Make sure you list links to other social media sites (if you’re on them) and your web site URL!

This shows up on desktops when people are viewing your profile.

Step 5: Your Featured Images

Your profile shows your featured images on both desktop and mobile so create images about your business and make sure they have your web site on them!


Step 6: Your Privacy Settings

This can be a touchy subject, but I for one want everyone to be able to see what I post on Facebook because I’m using it to get all the traffic I can.

I have my privacy settings like this…

I also have my timeline and tagging settings setup like this…

Those are pretty important, so pay attention to what I did there.

If you’ve done all of that then congratulations. You’re ready to start using your Facebook profile to start getting traffic!

Comments or questions about what I’ve shared here? Did I miss anything? Do you have tips for this topic?

Then leave them in the comments below!

Talk soon!