What Content Type Works For Which Social Media Networks?

I’ve seen it over and over again… Online business owners posting the same content to every social media network they’re on.

That’s not the way it works!

Here’s why…

1. If people follow you on multiple channels and they’re hit with the same images and captions, the same videos, the same text they’re going to become blind to you. They will stop seeing you because they’re brain is thinking oh I already saw this, and after a while they will just become blind to you.

This has happened with me so many times. Even when those people are my friends. I see the same post across all the networks and I brain just ignores them because I see the same thing over and over.

2. And this is the bigger issue… Certain kinds of content works for some social media networks and not others.

For example… I get a ton of engagement posting funny meme’s on Facebook profile. I get nothing but “crickets” when I post funny meme’s on LinkedIn. They just don’t work for that social media network.

Each network has it’s own audience, and each has different wants for the type of content they want to consume.

If you’re not getting results from your social media posts, you just might be posting the wrong type of content for THAT social media network.

Hot Tip: You need to have a content strategy for each social network you’re on.

Below I have listed the types of content that works best for the top 6 social media networks that I use. This is all based on what I do in your business, so I recommend you use it to get ideas for YOUR business. 😉


Facebook Content:

What To Post:

Videos (How To, Entertaining)
Lives (Updates, Live Teaching, Behind The Scenes)
Motivational Quotes
Blog Posts


I have found that Facebook lives and videos (upload videos right to Facebook and don’t just post a link to the video on YouTube if you’ve also put it on YouTube) do really well for my page. So do blog posts I publish (I create a simple graphic and direct people to my blog post), and motivational memes/quotes.

The occasional funny meme about my industry also gets good engagement. Use this sparingly if you’re in a professional industry.

You can see my Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/IMWithLizTomey

Note: I’ve done a full blog post with more details on what kind of content you can post on Facebook. Click here for more ideas.

Resources: Here are more great resources to help you with your Facebook Marketing…

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Instagram Content:

What To Post:



I call Instagram the “pretty social network” because it’s all about looks over there. No not YOUR looks (though it does help to be good looking if you’re posting pictures of yourself 😉 ), but the looks of the images you post there. Your images and videos MUST stand out and look great to catch the attention of your audience.

If you’re using Instagram Stories I recommend using them to talk about your latest blog post, a product you have (talk about one benefit of your product per story), a launch that you have, etc. Basically anything related to your online business. Create a story about it! There are so many great things you can do with Instagram Stories.

And let’s not forget about IGTV! Generally I only post how to videos to IGTV for my business. It would take an entire post to go over an IGTV strategy with you though. Coming soon… 😉

Resources: Here are more great resources to help you with your Instagram Marketing…

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What To Post:

Company News
Company Culture
Professional Content (Specific To Your Industry)


LinkedIn is specifically for networking with professionals in your industry. It’s A LOT like Facebook, but specifically for professionals. Think industry specific content, job listings, and career information.

I post content about my product launches on LinkedIn to get affiliates to promote my products, I do instructional videos regarding my industry, I share motivational quotes, and do behind the scenes videos about what’s going on in my business and the industry.

Resources: Here are more great resources to help you with your LinkedIn Marketing…

LinkedIn Traffic Takeover Workshop



What To Post:

Blog Posts


Pinterest is completely differnet from any other social network out there. It’s basically a visual search engine with some social functions built into it. I use it to “Pin” my blog posts mainly, but I also use it for motivational Pins (Here’s a good example of that https://www.pinterest.com/pin/842876886496112427) and I Pin all of my YouTube videos there too. I’m also going to be using it to Pin emails I send to my list in the near future.

If you can find your niche on Pinterest you should be Pinning everything you can there.

Resources: Here are more great resources to help you with your Pinterest Marketing…

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9 Fast Content Ideas You Can Use To Create Pins On Pinterest

34 Ideas You Can Steal To Create Pins For Pinterest

Why In The World Would I Use Pinterest In My Marketing?



What To Post:

Short Updates About Your Business
Blog Posts
Gifs (Create Your Own)


I’ll admit it. I’m HORRIBLE with Twitter and I get little traffic from it. I still get SOME, but I use Twitter as my “dump”. Most of the time I have things automatically posted to my Twitter account. My Instagram posts automatically get posted there. Every time I post a video on YouTube it’s automatically Tweet’ed. My Facebook profile and page posts are automatically posted. My Pinterest Pins are automatically posted.

Yep! I’m using it as a “dump” to see everything I do across all social media networks.

However I suggest you use it a bit more strategic. Make it your “news center”. A place where your audience can get quick updates about your business.

What are you working on today? Tweet it out!

Have a new blog post? Tweet it out!

Having a launch? Tweet about all your pre-launch and launch content and happenings.

Did you send an email out to your list? Tweet about it!

Resources: Here are more great resources to help you with your Twitter Marketing…

The Twitter Traffic Takeover Workshop

How To Setup Your Twitter Profile



What To Post:

Videos (Duh!)


Well it’s no secret that the only type of content you can post to YouTube is videos. But there are a ton of different videos you can post to your YouTube account. Right now I’m only posting informational videos about things I do in my business, but in the future I will be posting “video emails” (basically me reading the emails I send to my list), “commercials” for my blog posts, and interviews.

Resources: Here are more great resources to help you with your YouTube Marketing…

The YouTube Traffic Takeover Workshop

How To Setup Your YouTube Channel


Now, let’s pull all of this information together…

Here’s a little bonus… Here’s how I promoted something across all my social media channels…

Recently I did was posting a bunch of killer content in my Team Tomey Inner Circle Coaching Club and I’m always working to get more members in there, so here’s what I did:

1. I sent out a Tweet with a cool image attached to it talking about the content and that people should join us and gave the link to join.

2. I posted a tip to my Facebook page about social media marketing and told people to join us to talk more about social media marketing. Again I used a cool looking image to grab attention.

3. I did a Facebook live on my profile showing the content I had been posting and invited people to join.

4. I did a video showing the content and uploaded it to Instagram as a story.

5. I posted a quote about success with social media marketing on Instagram and told people to click on the link in my bio to join my Facebook group.

6. I showed my social media stats in a graphic and directed people to join in on the social media marketing conversation in my group and posted it on LinkedIn.

7. I created a video giving one social media tip and then inviting people into my Facebook group. I posted this to YouTube. I also tweeted the video. 🙂

8. I created a motivational quote as a Pin and linked it to my Facebook group.

Now that my friends is a social media takeover. 🙂


Okay so let’s wrap this up…

As you can see you can promote the same thing across all social media networks as long as you do it a little bit different for each one. Change up your text, change up for the format, and always use different images. This will have people consuming your messages and getting the results you want. There’s no use in using a social media network if you’re not going to use it correctly. You’ll never get results, so that’s just wasted effort. I highly recommend you take a few minutes and map out a strategy for each of the social media networks that you use.

Another extra little bonus: Are you having trouble coming up with content and/or ideas for content? These two resources will help you!

Where The Hell Do I Find Stuff To Post On Social Media?

What Do I Post On Social Media?

I hope this little tutorial has helped you. If you have any comments or questions please leave them below.


Exactly How Does Pinterest Work To Get Traffic?

You might be hearing a lot of people talking about Pinterest and using it to get traffic.

You also might be totally lost when it comes to HOW that actually works. So, I’ve done a short video showing you how it all works.

This is simply an overview video. I didn’t put a lot of “how to” information in it because I don’t want to confuse your already confused brain.

So take a look and if you have additional questions please leave them in the comments below…


Want more tutorials, resources, and tips on using Pinterest to get website traffic? Then head over to http://www.DFYSocialMarketingContent.com/Pinterest

My 5 Step System For Pre-Pinning On Pinterest!

So you’ve created an amazing piece of content on your blog and you’re ready to Pin that bad boy so you can get all that traffic from Pinterest, right?

Well there’s some things you need to do before you get all Pin happy with your latest creation.

I’ve created this little checklist to help you know what to do BEFORE you make that Pin so you can ensure you get all the traffic you can for your Pinterest marketing efforts.

Here is everything laid out for you step-by-step:

Step 1: Before you begin Pinning of course you need to make sure that your Pinterest profile is optimized and setup correctly. This includes making sure you have your boards named with your keywords and you have relevant Pins on those boards. They can be your Pins or you can Pin other people’s content. Just make sure they are full of really good content that is related to the keyword of your board. This is a big indicator to Pinterest that this is information people want when they are searching for the related keyword.

This is absolutely vital! If you’re not ready to use Pinterest all of your efforts from here on out are for nothing. You just wont get the traffic you need.

Side Note: Need help with your Pinterest marketing? Click here to attend my Pinterest Traffic Takeover Workshop! Use the coupon code: 50OFFPIN to save $50!


Step 2: Creating an image for your Pin is a necessity if you’re going to be Pinning your content to Pinterest. Make sure you do your research on creating Pin images that look GREAT, and how to create ones that actually get people to CLICK.

No clicks = No Traffic = 🙁

Hot Tip: Make sure you have a call to action on every Pin you create. It will send your CTR (click through rate) through the roof!

Hot Tip: Make sure you have a call to action on every Pin you create. It will send your CTR (click through rate) through the roof!Click To Tweet

When you’re creating your images also make sure that you have 2-3 different designs to get you started.


Because you can Pin your content multiple times. Just have a new image for each time you Pin it. I should have probably put Hot Tip: before that little bit of information because it’s truly a hot tip and how you can get your content all over Pinterest.

Step 3: Hashtags are back on Pinterest, and you need to be using them. If you already have Pins over there don’t go back and add them as Pinterest doesn’t look at old Pins for new hashtags. The best way to gather your hashtags is to use the keyword research tool within the Pinterest advertising platform. You’ll need a business account for this, but you can find what people are actually searching for on Pinterest with that tool. Another Hot Tip: 🙂

Once you’ve done your keyword research turn your keywords into hashtags. I recommend using a few lower search keywords so that you can be found EASILY with hashtags instead of the big popular ones. Yep! There’s another Hot Tip:

Step 4: Keywords are going to come into play here too. You need to make sure you have a good description (notice my description above) that also contains your keywords. Don’t try to stuff them ALL in there. Just write a natural description that would make someone want to read your content and sprinkle your keywords in that description.

Okay now I’m going to give you the hottest tip of all the Hot Tips: I’ve given so far…

Step 5: Get the Social Warfare plugin and USE it. This is only for those of you who have your blog on WordPress (if you don’t, what are you even doing?), and it’s a plugin you can get and install and unleash the power of Pinterest on your blog post.

When you go and make your blog post there are a few Pinterest’ing (that’s punny) things you can do.

My favorite function is where it auto-populates the image, description, and hastags when someone clicks to Pin your post to THEIR Pinterest account.

YES! I love love love automation!

You never know what people are going to Pin for your content, so forcing them to use the right image, description, and hashtags is BRILLIANT!

Plus you can Pin right from your post once you have it done because this plugin also puts a “Save” button on your images when anyone “hovers” over the image!

There’s many other functions with this plugin too, but that’s not what this post is about. I just want to get your ready for Pinning, and this plugin does so much automating for you that I had to mention it.

At this point you’re ready to Pin that gorgeous piece of content you’ve just worked so hard to create.

I highly recommend having a “Pin strategy” for every piece of your content that you post to Pinterest.

Here’s what mine looks like…

Day 1: Pin my Pin to my most relevant board.

Day 2: Pin my Pin to the next most relevant board.

Day 3: Pin my Pin to the next most relevant board.

I do this until my Pin is on ALL of my relevant boards. Notice I said RELEVANT. ONLY Pin your Pins to boards that are relevant to the topic of your content.

I’ll then circle back around and Pin again, but with a different image.

Imagine if you had 3 Pin images to begin with? Your content would be on Pinterest 3 times right out of the gate. Get it on there more by creating even more images. 🙂

Okay… So there you go. Now you know exactly what to do to BEFORE making a Pin to Pinterest for your content and get the most traffic from your efforts. If you can put in just a little effort combined with a good Pinterest Pinning strategy, you’ll see that it will pay off big time with lots of traffic!

Recommended Resource: Are you looking for ways to use Pinterest to get a ton of traffic to anything you want? Want to learn how to optimize your Pinterest account and how to create branded keyword rich Boards to add your Pins to? Want to create the best Pinterest strategy for the most traffic? Then I invite you to attend my Pinterest Traffic Takeover Workshop. For 5 days you can watch everything I do to use Pinterest to get traffic to anything I want, and do the same thing for your own Pinterest marketing. Grab your seat at LearningIM.com/pinterest-traffic-takeover Use the coupon code: 50OFFPIN to save $50!

9 Fast Content Ideas You Can Use To Create Pins On Pinterest

The biggest issue people face when using Pinterest in their marketing is having content to create Pins for.

Of course you can Pin the same thing over and over again (as long as you create a new image for it, change up the description, etc.), but to really get traffic from Pinterest you need fresh new content on an on going basis.

But who has time for that?

You do. 🙂

When you create “fast content”!

By creating “fast content” you can fill your Pinterest profile with original Pins that link to your squeeze pages, sales pages, blog posts, etc.

Here are 9 quick Pin ideas.

1. Current Blog Posts – I’m starting this off with the obvious. Your own content. You can create a few new Pin images per piece of content you have and have a ton of new Pins for Pinterest.

For example… I currently have 13 blog posts here. I could create 2 Pin images for each blog post and have 26 Pins I could add to Pinterest this month. Now that’s what I call “fast content”.

Want to really save some time? Hire someone over at Fiverr to create the Pins for you. Send them the links to your blog posts, and tell them to create 2 Pins for each of them. Of course you’ll have to give them direction on design, but this will save you a ton of time.

2. Promotion Quotes – I call these “promotional quotes” because you simply take a quote you find related to your niche, and make a “promotional quote” out of it and you can link it to anything you want. You could even do this daily and have a 30 new Pins each month all linking to something of yours. This is great “fast content” idea to use to have at least ONE thing of YOURS you can Pin every day.

Here’s a great example https://www.pinterest.com/pin/628041110516488719

Notice I have a nice clean design, great quote, and then at the bottom a call to action to signup for my challenge. How many things can you do this with?

3. Infographics – Infographics are HOT on Pinterest and you should be creating your own to get traffic to your own stuff. Canva has a ton of templates you can use to create your own infographic or again HIRE someone to do it, so this becomes a “super fast content” tactic!

4. Q&A PostsWhat questions do you get asked or are asked the most in your niche? Take one, answer it, create a post about it, and then post it to your blog. Create a Pin and Pin it on Pinterest. Quick and easy! You should be able to create this in just a few minutes. Just ONE question per post is all you need.

5. What Are You Doing? – It’s the weekend or just a normal weekday. What are you doing that’s related to your niche? This could basically be a couple of photos with a few sentences about each photo. Post it up to your blog, and Pin it! You’re done…

6. Got Tips?Can you name 3 or 5 tips related to your niche? Make a blog post with those 3-5 tips. This again should only take you a few minutes. Spice your post up with a few images, and you’ve got yourself a fast piece of content!

7. ResourcesWhat are the best resources related to your niche? List them out, write a sentence or two about them, and boom!, you have a piece of content that’s ready to post to your blog and Pin on Pinterest.

Have I said Pin on/to Pinterest enough yet? 🙂 I’m going to say it about two more times, so get ready. 🙂

8. Top Content – Take a look at your stats. Find the content that got the most traffic or shares or likes or comments or whatever. For example like your top 5. Write a few sentences about why you think each did well, and once again… BOOM! You have a piece of content. Now post it and… Make a Pin on Pinterest. 🙂

I’m only going to say it one more time. Here we go…

9. Mood boards – Mood boards are hot right now and it’s pretty easy to create one related to your niche. Not to mention it’s super fast to do it. Create your own mood board image and use it as a Pin on Pinterest and link it to something of yours that you want to get traffic to.

That’s 9… NINE… different things you can create FAST to have content TODAY so you can Pin it to Pinterest all month long.

Imagine if you sat down write now and used ALL of these examples and created 3 Pins to use to Pin to Pinterest.

Ooops… I lied. I said Pin on Pinterest AGAIN. Just a few more times, and then I promise I’m done. 🙂

If you had 3 Pins for a current blog post.

If you had 3 promotional quotes.

If you had 3 infographics.

If you had 3 Pins for your Q&A post.

If you had 3 Pins for your What Are You Doing? post.

If you had 3 Pins for your Tips post.

If you had 3 Pins for your Resources post.

If you had 3 Pins for your Top Content post.

If you had 3 mood board images.

That’s 27 Pins for Pinterest and you created it all in a matter of just a couple of hours. If you outsource the Pin creation and the other image creation you’ll save even more time.

Okay so there you have it. A quick and easy way to create “fast content” and have about a month of Pins you can Pin on Pinterest (last time I’ll say it)!

Pinterest is a great social media site to get a ton of traffic from. If you’d like to learn my strategy for using Pinterest to get a ton of traffic to my squeeze pages, sales page, blog posts, affiliate links, and anything else I want to get traffic to I highly recommend that you attend my Pinterest Traffic Takeover Workshop. You can grab your seat by clicking here. Use the coupon code: 50OFFPIN to save $50!

34 Ideas You Can Steal To Create Pins For Pinterest

Oh did you find Pinterest? Isn’t it fun? I LOVE Pinterest and in my personal life I’m there all the time. It’s a serious addiction.

But you can use it to drive traffic right into your business to and a lot of it! If you haven’t gone through my Pinterest Traffic Takeover Workshop I highly suggest you do that. You can grab your seat by clicking here. Use the coupon code: 50OFFPIN to save $50! 😉

Here’s the biggest thing my people face though when it comes to using Pinterest to get traffic.

They don’t know WHAT to post. Or “Pin” as they say on Pinterest.

So while you’re going to be making Pins for other people’s content, you want to get traffic to YOUR content, so you need to be Pinning YOUR content over there too.

What can you Pin from your content or other people’s?

Here are several ideas for you:

1. Your blog posts! You should definitely have a content hub or blog that is filled with your own original content. You should also be constantly adding your own original content to it. Make sure that you Pin ALL of it, and Pin any new content you create. You can also create new images and Pin your content again!

2. Videos! People LOVE videos. Make sure and Pin those videos. Even if all of your videos are on a service such as YouTube. Pin those! You can also create new images and Pin these again too!

Note: I hope you see what I’m telling you here. You can create new images and Pin the same content over and over again. I don’t recommend doing it every day, but you can Pin your own content repeatedly. I do it every few weeks.

3. Do you have freebies that you offer to get people on you list? Then create a great looking image featuring a picture of your freebie and Pin that!

4. Motivational/Inspirational Quotes related to your niche with YOUR branding on them. You can make these yourself on places like Canva and Snappa, find templates in creative markets, and/or hire someone to create them for you.

5. Infographics related to your niche. Besides finding and repining these, you can make these yourself on places like Canva and Snappa, find templates in creative markets, and/or hire someone to create them for you.

6. Run a service based business? What are the most common questions you get asked? Answer those questions and post them on your blog. Create a Pin and save it to Pinterest!

7. Create visually HOT coupons that really catch the eye and Pin those. People LOVE coupons!

8. Watch for trends related to your niche and Pin the most popular things. https://www.pinterest.com/categories/popular Is a great resource for finding the most popular things currently popular on Pinterest.

9. Do you have a customer testimonial board? If not create one and Pin testimonials that your customers/clients send you.

10. Have you done a case study or can you do one? Case studies get people clicking and would make a great Pin. You can even find case studies others have done and Pin those.

11. Create quickstart guides or owners manuals for your products and Pin those to your boards. If you provide a service create a guide that shows people how to get the most from your service and Pin it.

12. Are you selling physical products? You could show how to “style”/use them in images or videos. Are there things about your products that people don’t normally know? Tell them about them in the form of a piece of content (again images/text/video) and Pin that content!

13. What’s going on in your business? Take pictures of you and/or your employees working, create a short story about it, post it to your blog, and Pin it!

14. Do you have a specific morning and/or nighttime routine? Talk about it, and create a Pin to it.

15. We all like to do things on the weekends. Make sure you’re talking about it on your content hub/blog and create a Pin to it. This is something you could do just about any weekend even if you’re just laying around being lazy.

16. Has something funny happened lately? Talk about it (use pictures and/or videos for impact) and Pin that! You could even create an “About You” board and continually put these kinds of things there.

17. Expanded tips… Create a post with 3 points that will help people with something in your niche, and create a Pin for it!

18. Do you work out? Are you a healthy eater? Are you on a journey to get healthy? Sharing this information on your blog is a great way to get people to know you. Post about this and Pin it! More good stuff for your “About You” board.

19. You should always be reading/listening to a book about your niche. Post about this and Pin it to your appropriate board!

20. What are your favorite resources related to your niche? Make a post about this and Pin it!

21. Follow Friday! I love doing specific things on specific days. Motivation Monday, Taco Tuesday, Throwback Thursday, etc. Follow Friday is the day where you should pick 5 people on Pinterest who are follow worthy. Make a post about them, and Pin it!

22. Your stories! What are some stories about your life (that relate to your niche) that you could create blog posts around? Create them, and Pin them!

23. Create a post about your top content from the month. What got the most feedback, likes, shares, Pins, retweets? Make a post about your top content for the month and Pin it!

24. What do you do to be productive? Share 5 tips you use, create a post, and Pin it!

25. The bad stuff! People like reading about the “bad stuff”. What would you have done differently in life, your business, etc? Did you have a bad experience with a client, coach, or someone you hired?

26. We talked about Pinning quotes and motivational things earlier, but you can also do a “best of” post and Pin it. Like the best 25 quotes about procrastination, or the 25 best weight loss quotes, etc.

27. Places you’ve been. Where have you been that was a good experience for you? Write a post about it, and Pin it!

28. Product reviews. You should be reviewing all the products in your niche and posting reviews about them. When you do a review make sure you Pin it!

29. Are you having a webinar? Then make sure you create a Pin about it! This will work best if you have a replay also for your webinar because Pins last a long time!

30. Do you promote products as an affiliate marketer? At this time you can simply create an image and link it right to your affiliate link. If this changes again in the future simply write a post about the product you’re an affiliate for, create a great looking image, and Pin that!

31. Want to really get some viral content going? Then pick a fight! Find an article and/or video you disagree with, and create a post or video about your opposing opinions. Be careful with this. Don’t be an “jerk” unless your people are used to you being that way. When you do this create a great Pin and Pin it!

32. Mood boards! Man are these hot right now. You could create a “mood board” targeted at your niche and Pin it.

33. Gift guides are amazing and I love them. They are like the candy of Pinterest! These are easy to create thanks to the many templates you can find, but they REALLY drive sales. These are great for all of you selling physical products.

34. Are you a local business? You can use Pinterest too! Pin stuff that’s related to your niche, but also Pin things related to your location. Things to see and do, businesses that you recommend in your area, photos of your area, etc.

Okay if those 34 things (with 2-3 other things mentioned in some of them) aren’t enough to keep you in content for the next 100 years I don’t know what to tell you. 🙂

Seriously I know it’s a lot, but start with one idea, use it and come back to these when you need more ideas. You just gotta get to Pinning to start getting traffic from Pinterest.

And again, I’d like to invite you to attend my Pinterest Traffic Takeover Workshop. I’ll show you everything I know about getting traffic with Pinterest. You’ll walk away from the workshop knowing exactly what to do to suck all the traffic you can from Pinterest into YOUR business.

You can grab your seat by clicking here. Use the coupon code: 50OFFPIN to save $50! 😉

Talk soon!


Why In The World Would I Use Pinterest In My Marketing?

Let’s face it… When it comes to getting website traffic there’s like 83 bajillion ways to do it. Bajillion isn’t even a word or a number, but trust me. It’s A LOT!

So when it comes to deciding which tactic to use, you might feel a little bit lost. Understandably!

I want to share one of my favorite tactics with you that you can use that I KNOW works to get traffic to just about anything you want.

Your blog, affiliate links, squeeze pages, sales pages, etc. ANYTHING you want!

What is it?

Pinterest marketing!

If you’ve never heard of Pinterest it’s a social network site that allows you to save things you find around the web onto “boards” so you can keep it organized and easily accessible.

For example in my Pinterest account I have “boards” on Online Business, Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, Healthy Living, and on and on. When I find something on the Internet that I want to save, I “Pin” it to a “board” that is related to the topic.

Now I have one place I can go when I need information on that topic. That’s why people are using Pinterest! As a matter of fact, Pinterest currently has 250 million ACTIVE users.

That’s A LOT of people.

People you could be getting in front of and getting them to your website!

So the first reason you should be using Pinterest Marketing?

It has the traffic already. You just have to be there to get it. 🙂

Need more reasons other than it has built in traffic? Um… Why?

Seriously there are more reasons…

It’s super duper easy.

Follow a simple strategy and you can get traffic.

Simply create a great looking image that represents whatever you’re wanting to drive traffic to, create a description for your image, put your link in, and you’re done.

Now you have a Pin on Pinterest that other Pinterest users can find.

Now there’s a little more to it than that, but that’s the strategy in a nutshell.

It truly is super duper easy.


It’s FUN!

Look there’s not a lot of “fun” in driving traffic to your website, but using Pinterest is actually fun.

I enjoy the user side of it a lot. I like finding great information about what I’m interested in and putting it in categories (Pinterest boards). It’s very therapeutic for my OCD brain. 🙂

But on the marketing side of things I really enjoy creating images for stuff I want to get traffic to, and putting (Pinning) it on Pinterest.

Note: Even if you don’t enjoy creating images there are tons of templates out there you can use for your images to make it a quick and easy process.

Not to mention seeing the traffic from my efforts is a HUGE “fun factor“.

So, if you’re lost in the “sea of traffic tactics” I highly recommend you start learning to use Pinterest. It’s fun, easy, and most importantly has a ton of traffic there waiting for you.

If you’d like to learn to use Pinterest in your marketing and get a ton of traffic from it I recommend you get your seat in the Pinterest Traffic Takeover Workshop. Where you’ll learn from me on how to use it from A-Z. All the way from learning how to make money with Pinterest in different niches to creating the best strategy to get the most traffic. Grab your seat at https://learningim.com/pinterest-traffic-takeover

[PTT News] Daily Pinterest Traffic Takeover Newsletter #3

Welcome to Issue #3 of the Daily Pinterest Traffic Takeover Newsletter!

Let’s talk about CLICKS! Our sole purpose for being on Pinterest is to get our Pins clicked on. That’s how we get traffic. Duh, right?!

And as I’ve been beating you over the head about over the last few days ONE of the things that will get you clicks (and probably the most important thing) is the design of your Pin!

So today I want to talk about things you can add to your Pins you design to get more clicks and more people finding them on Pinterest.

Let’s do this…

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How To Design Your Pins To Get More Clicks

Tip 1: Have a call to action! Every Pin you design needs to have a call to action in your text. Click here for XYZ. Adding this one little thing could make your clicks go WAAAAY up. Use this tactic on every single Pin you create. Head over to Pinterest and look at the Pins there. What calls to action are others using? Note those down and save them in a place where you can come and look over them every time you create your text for your Pins.

Tip 2: The text you write that goes ON your Pin needs to get people clicking! Again… Head over to Pinterest. What does the text say on Pins that make you want to click? Note those down and and when you go to write the text for your Pins look over them for inspiration.

Notice I didn’t say to copy and paste what others have. That’s a big “no-no”, so don’t do it. Simply use your research for inspiration. 😉

Tip 3: What your Pin says really matters, but the design/font is something else that will get you clicks. Make sure you’re using a design/font that catches people’s eye. Big bold letters! Less words that are BIGGER are better than a bunch of words that are tiny.

Tip 4: Optimize your Pin image for search. There’s this thing called Pinterest Search Optimization (PSO). Just like with content you optimize for regular search engines there are things you can do to optimize your Pins for searchers on Pinterest. The very first thing is when you create your Pin image, save the file as the name of one of your keywords.

Now… There are different opinions on this. Some say it doesn’t matter. Some say it DOES matter. It’s so simple to do why wouldn’t you do it is my question. I always save my Pin images as one of my keywords. It doesn’t hurt, so why not?

Wow! We’ve talked a lot about design in the last few Daily Pinterest Traffic Takeover Newsletters. We’re going to switch gears and start talking about tactics that will help you get traffic with actually going to Pinterest and Pinning those Pins.

As I’ve recommended a few times now the Viral Pin Formula has WAY more instruction than I could ever give you on creating great looking pins that get attention, get clicks, and get re-pinned, so if you haven’t picked that up yet, I highly recommend you do. Spend the next couple days going through it, and USE what you learn. You’ll be shocked by the amount of traffic you’ll start getting with a great looking Pin image.

Talk to you tomorrow!


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[PTT News] Daily Pinterest Traffic Takeover Newsletter #2!

Welcome to Issue #2 of the Daily Pinterest Traffic Takeover Newsletter!

Yesterday we got started talking about designing great looking Pins. (If you missed yesterday’s issue click here.) I’m starting your education here because if you don’t have GREAT looking Pins then anything you do after Pinning your first ugly Pin isn’t going to work. This is where it ALL starts!

Today we’re going to talk about a few more things regarding Pin design that will help you save some time!

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How To Save Time With Your Pin Designing

Tip 1: Grab some templates! Yesterday I talked briefly about finding Pin templates to get inspiration for your Pin designs. You can also just simply find templates and USE them.

There are several great designers out there that can create customer designs for you that you can use for all your Pins with a few simple edits.

There are several great designers out there that will sell you (and others) template packages that you can use for all of your Pins with a few simple edits. The only problem with this option is that there might be others out there with Pins that look REALLY similar to yours. Still an option though!

You can also find places like CreativeMarket.com and GraphicRiver.net also have templates you can buy.

Do a Google search for “Pin templates” or “Pinterest templates” and you’ll see there are a TON of options out there for you.

Tip 2: Outsource the design of your Pins to the professionals. Look, I don’t like to spend money paying people as much as the next person, but when it comes to graphic design (Pins are graphics) I’m horrible at it, and it takes me so so so much time. So for me hiring someone to create my Pins for me is the way to go.

You can find people to design your Pins for you by doing a search on Google for “Pin designer” or “Pinterest designer”.

Another great place to get this kind of work done is Fiverr >>> http://dfysocialmarketingcontent.com/PinterestDesignersOnFiverr

Bottom line… When it comes to designing Pins it takes a lot of time, but you can save a lot of time by using templates and/or hiring a designer.

That’s it! Just two tips today. There’s a lot of research for you to do here so I don’t want to overwhelm you, so we will leave it at that today.

Tomorrow we’re going to talk about how to get more CLICKS on your Pins, so stay tuned!

Talk to you tomorrow!


[PTT News] Are Your Pins Double Ugly?

Welcome to the first Issue of the Daily Pinterest Traffic Takeover Newsletter!

Today we’re talking about your Pin designs on Pinterest!

Here’s the deal… If your Pins are double ugly, no one is going to click on them much less Pin them. Lots of traffic starts flowing from the point of DESIGN. You’ve got to have a great looking design!

Recommended: Viral Pin Formula – If you’re looking for the A-Z on creating great looking Pins that go viral I can’t recommend the Viral Pin Formula enough! Everything you need to know all in ONE course from someone who is getting a TON of traffic from Pinterest. Check out Viral Pin Formula at http://dfysocialmarketingcontent.com/ViralPinFormula

Getting Started With Pin Designs

Tip 1: Don’t be lazy! As I just said… Don’t create ugly Pins. EVER! PERIOD! You’ve got something awesome you want to share on Pinterest and you want others to share it too, right? Then take the time and ALWAYS create killer looking Pins. Every single time you create a Pin make sure you’re putting in the time to create a great looking one.

Tip 2: Make sure your pins are the correct size. There are mixed opinions on the exact pixel measurement of your Pins, but they need to have a 2:3 ratio. I design mine at 735px x 1102px. That is a 2:3 ratio measurement.

Tip 3: Stop using stock photos! Everyone and their brother talks about stock photos. When everyone and there brother is doing something, you should probably do something different. 🙂 In my testing I have found that doing a solid, bright colored background, with a good font for my text, and a simple piece of “clip art” I get WAY more Pins. I also have lots of space on my Pins.

Here’s an example: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/842876886491157238

Tip 4: Have a “Pin theme”. You want your Pins to have a similar “look”. That’s why I recommended spending some time on researching Pin designs above.

Tip 5: If your stuck for design ideas you can either spend some time on Pinterest finding designs you like and create a “secret board” called “Designs I Like” or something along those lines and save your favorites (I have a HUGE board full of this stuff) OR search creative marketplaces like CreativeMarket.com and search for “Pinterest templates”.

Okay, as promised I’m keeping these newsletters short, so that’s it for today. I recommend you take notes on what I’ve taught you here. Spend some time on Tip 3 today and get an idea of how you want your “Pin theme” to look.

Talk to you tomorrow!