How To Setup Your Facebook Profile

Facebook is one of my favorite social media sites to use to get traffic. And… There are many different ways to use it to get traffic.

You can…

Use their paid advertising
Use Facebook groups
Use your Facebook business page

… and there are many tactics that go with each of these.

But you can also use your main Facebook profile!

You probably already have one of these and if it’s stacked with your personal friends and family you may not want to use it in your social media marketing, but if you’re okay with using your main Facebook profile page in your social media marketing then you need to make sure you have it setup correctly.

As of right now I have 4,999 friends on Facebook. I never have the 5,000 friend limit because I want people to be able to send me friend requests. As I lose Facebook friends (and it does happen) I just add new ones from all the requests that I get.

I’m selective of who I add because I only want Facebook friends that are interested in my niche. I’ve also “optimized” my profile so that I can get traffic from the things I post on Facebook to my site.

I want to walk you through what I’ve done and what you should do too…

Step 1: Your Profile Picture

Make sure you have a clear profile picture of you. Don’t have some cartoon, or meme, or anything like that. Show your gorgeous face. YES! You do have a gorgeous face. Always know that your mom and I will always think you’re gorgeous. 🙂

I change mine up often, but you don’t have to.

Step 2: Your Cover Photo

This is something else I change up often, but you want it to drive traffic to your site. My main site is (even though I’m currently working on driving all traffic to so that’s where my cover photo sends people.

Step 3: Your Intro

This is a really important spot on mobile. It’s right under your picture. I HIGHLY recommend you mention your website in this spot. Just a VERY short BENEFIT and then a link to your website. This isn’t “clickable”, but it’s important to list your site there. Below you’ll see where it is on mobile and where it’s at on a desktop.

Step 4: Your Profile Information

FULLY fill out everything on your profile. If you don’t want people to know about you, then you probably shouldn’t be on social media. 🙂 Fill out as much information as your comfortable with here, but DO fill out as much as you can.

Make sure you list links to other social media sites (if you’re on them) and your web site URL!

This shows up on desktops when people are viewing your profile.

Step 5: Your Featured Images

Your profile shows your featured images on both desktop and mobile so create images about your business and make sure they have your web site on them!


Step 6: Your Privacy Settings

This can be a touchy subject, but I for one want everyone to be able to see what I post on Facebook because I’m using it to get all the traffic I can.

I have my privacy settings like this…

I also have my timeline and tagging settings setup like this…

Those are pretty important, so pay attention to what I did there.

If you’ve done all of that then congratulations. You’re ready to start using your Facebook profile to start getting traffic!

Comments or questions about what I’ve shared here? Did I miss anything? Do you have tips for this topic?

Then leave them in the comments below!

Talk soon!


How To Setup Your Facebook Profile

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