[PTT News] Are Your Pins Double Ugly?

Welcome to the first Issue of the Daily Pinterest Traffic Takeover Newsletter!

Today we’re talking about your Pin designs on Pinterest!

Here’s the deal… If your Pins are double ugly, no one is going to click on them much less Pin them. Lots of traffic starts flowing from the point of DESIGN. You’ve got to have a great looking design!

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Getting Started With Pin Designs

Tip 1: Don’t be lazy! As I just said… Don’t create ugly Pins. EVER! PERIOD! You’ve got something awesome you want to share on Pinterest and you want others to share it too, right? Then take the time and ALWAYS create killer looking Pins. Every single time you create a Pin make sure you’re putting in the time to create a great looking one.

Tip 2: Make sure your pins are the correct size. There are mixed opinions on the exact pixel measurement of your Pins, but they need to have a 2:3 ratio. I design mine at 735px x 1102px. That is a 2:3 ratio measurement.

Tip 3: Stop using stock photos! Everyone and their brother talks about stock photos. When everyone and there brother is doing something, you should probably do something different. 🙂 In my testing I have found that doing a solid, bright colored background, with a good font for my text, and a simple piece of “clip art” I get WAY more Pins. I also have lots of space on my Pins.

Here’s an example: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/842876886491157238

Tip 4: Have a “Pin theme”. You want your Pins to have a similar “look”. That’s why I recommended spending some time on researching Pin designs above.

Tip 5: If your stuck for design ideas you can either spend some time on Pinterest finding designs you like and create a “secret board” called “Designs I Like” or something along those lines and save your favorites (I have a HUGE board full of this stuff) OR search creative marketplaces like CreativeMarket.com and search for “Pinterest templates”.

Okay, as promised I’m keeping these newsletters short, so that’s it for today. I recommend you take notes on what I’ve taught you here. Spend some time on Tip 3 today and get an idea of how you want your “Pin theme” to look.

Talk to you tomorrow!