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Graphics is the biggest need we have as social media marketers. Generally you can get graphics that you can add your branding to and use in your social media marketing. It’s really important that you fully understand your rights when purchasing graphics.

The following is a list of resources that I’ll continually be updating to help you find graphics you can use in your social marketing!

1. Contentrocity – Looking for something different to use in your social media marketing? You’re in for a treat. This site has AMAZING social posters. Add your branding, post, and done.

2. 150 Social Media Templates – Now this is a killer offer at a killer price! Angie Gensler who is a social marketing expert has created a package of 150 social media templates! 46 holiday social media graphics, 52 “question posts”, and 52 ‘inspirational” posts. This will put a HUGE dent in your graphic AND posting needs. You can see the package at

3. Infographics Bundle – You have to buy the regular package and the upgrade to get PLR (private label rights) to this package, but it’s totally worth it. PLR to infographics! Yay!!!

4. Ultimate Viral Graphics – This is a massive package with lots of social poster graphics and infographic templates!

5. Digital Marketer Social Quotes – I REALLY like these! 100 Digital Product Marketer social graphics –

6. Viral Quotes Kit – This kit includes over 200 viral quotes that you can use in your social media marketing. You can size them for any social network your using. You get PLR to all of these with this offer, so you can edit them and use them as you want.

7. Viral Video Quotes Kit – Quote images that are turned into VIDEOS! Very unique content that you can use in your social media marketing. These can be used on any social network that you can upload videos too. This package also comes with PLR, so if you have a video editor you could also edit these up and insert your own link/branding.

8. Pinterest Pin Design Templates – Having a hard time designing great looking Pin images for your content? Get 20 gorgeous fully editable Pin templates from

More coming soon…

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